I believe people, who live in Georgia have the best feel for lazy summer afternoons. They know “drop by friends” are always the best. And we literally dropped by unannounced to see a new friend, who is a noted artist and a person with a warm and welcoming southern heart.

Even the pathway to her house reminded me that I was home in northeast in Georgia where memories are easily made and time pauses without much worry.

Reds on top of reds and I’m in heaven with my camera.

Then we were invited into the studio where creativity and imagination is released each day in large and small ways.

I have no working knowledge of this but I would imagine that brushes like these can quickly become old friends with some being favorites and others being challenges.

All the colors of the rainbow are hidden here.

No one told me this so I’m just going to “wing” it with this photo: The outside porch area is where people gather for summers meals, intimate conversations, and times of reflection. It was instantly a favorite space for me.

Even the fireplace made me smile as you think about the coolness of northeast Georgia days and how nothing warms the heart better than an open fire and hands wrapped around a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Then there is the new kitten—the one that will guard and protect the main house from all creatures great and small.

Well, . . . maybe not all creatures but I’m sure he will do his best to guard the hearts of those, who drop by unexpectedly with friendship and love.