We unloaded more boxes at the Toccoa Cottage (that is what my friends are calling it and the name seems to be sticking) this past weekend. Suddenly I noticed something moving in one that was filled to overflowing with packing paper. It was PJ the cat, who had been missing for some time. He had found the perfect place to sleep the afternoon away! What a combination: a sunroom with the windows open and an irresistible place to nap.

Most of the rooms are refurnished, but the sunroom is still an area that is bare. There is no way for Kelly to know that having my former antique chapel bench back would motivate me to fill it up. This is probably one of the last surviving benches that came from the original chapel at Toccoa Falls College. When I moved to Atlanta a year and a half ago, I gave it to him but he brought it back this past weekend. Here’s hoping that this connection with the past will soften my heart for the future.

Most of the older alumni remember sitting on benches like this one. We had our Winterim classes in that building in the late 80s. And all of us sat on them before the building was renovated. Originally, it was in the Christian & Missionary Alliance’s  Atlanta Tabernacle. So it is pretty old. In fact, it has to be over 100 years old. Of course, Kelly knows that all my TFC historical “collection” will go to him one day. That’s in my will and my closest friends know he gets everything, too. He did leave happy on Saturday carrying away one of  my favorite water color paintings of Toccoa Falls by G. Fletcher. It was given to me years ago by Mrs. Forrest’s niece.