I purchased a season pass to Gibbs Gardens, and I’ll tell you two reasons why. Joe Gibbs is there every weekend talking to the people, who visit his gardens. He listens to all their comments and seems very interested and patient. I imagine he gets lots of comments, input, and advice.

The first time I was there, the day was gray and cool. Yet, he was so engaging and begged us (my Toccoa friends) to return when the sun was out and the daffodils were in full bloom. That’s great marketing! The only thing that would have been better would have been for him to offer a discount on our return tickets!

The second reason I purchased a season pass is because Gibbs has something in bloom throughout the year. That means there is always an opportunity to use my camera!

So, I took Joe’s advice and returned and wow! There were fields of Daffodils, and it seemed that they were in full song!

At some point, the beauty of  thousands of daffodils needs to be investigated close up. This “double” was just flat out gorgeous!

These two seemed to be in love. Sweet!

And I called this group: “The Girls!” because they were all posing except for one, and she may have been the “choir director!”

Beautiful. I loved the orange colours—just used the British spelling for effect.

Everywhere you look there are smiling faces looking straight up at you.

Unless you sit down in a field of daffodils and have your photo taken with them and then they are behind you smiling! That’s a freaky thought—all of us smiling for the camera!

No one had to say “smile” to me, but this little guy needed lots of encouragement from Dad, who was doing something silly to Mom’s head in an effort to get him to smile.