This past weekend I was all over the Sautee Nacoochee Valley in northeast Georgia. I’m sure I’ll end up rambling back through that area at some point this weekend, especially since I know Christmas decorations will be going up. But I just had to go ahead and post photos of the fireplace in the Old Sautee Store, which is absolutely one of my favorite stops. I love grabbing sandwich on their homemade bread, an ice cold root beer, and a bowl of their freshly made soup. It’s the kind of place that could be lost in time and that would be okay with me.

And then there’s their children’s books . . . . I think I have said this before, “They begin to prepare their children early concerning the surrounding environment, which includes lots of wild things!” Jack London would be proud!

I usually end up stopping at the Presbyterian Church, especially on what I call “Blue Sky” days. And I always meet someone new, who attends the church. This time it was the lady in charge of the altar guild. She was lovely to talk with for a few minutes.

Finally, here’s a small word of wisdom: I have lived long enough to know (and actually I learned this when I was young from my Dad) that some of the most rewarding experiences in life are simple and nothing elaborate. In fact, often the more simpler an experience is the more joy it contains—like the moment I photographed this kitty hanging out by the fire stove in the Mark of the Potter. Simple joys and simple pleasures. I can live with those.