This photo was taken at Whiteside Mountain last weekend. I’m looking forward to being in northwest Georgia this weekend and photographing the difference of the color of leaves. This was a wonderful day trip and can be easily reached from Atlanta in a couple of hours—so no worries.

The colors were definitely not at their peak but they were still beautiful.  Whiteside Mountain is located outside of The Highlands and on the way to Cashiers, North Carolina. The trail to the top involves about a two mile hike and is not difficult though it can be steep in some places and very rocky in others. The views are breathtaking.

Cocoa gave it “five paws.” It’s definitely worth the trip and a visit to Buck’s Coffee in Highlands is all the more rewarding.

I love the rocky places and while I was running up this one I thought of TFC student Lenny Kroneman, who loves to do rock climbing—something they allow at Whiteside.

This rocky face is what most people have seen from the roads below. It is a familiar area landmark.

Then when you get to to the top you realize that you are looking out to the Continental Divide!


Later at Buck’s Coffee Cafe with friends—a very good memory.