Whenever I’m in Pennsylvania, Denny (and Joy) always make sure I get to enjoy these wonderful day trips to what seems like far away places. These have become fondly known as “Denny Day Trips.” Those three words mean adventure, fun with the camera, and exploring the landscape of Western PA and beyond.

On this day, we drove to East Liverpool, Ohio, to northern Western Virgina where we crossed the Newell toll bridge. It was like stepping back in time and certainly something I had never seen before.

There are the older guys, who collect the tolls, which includes a fee for those who choose to walk across the bridge. I avoided being charged because I took photos and also because I stopped to listen to the history story.

Pedestrians .05! I walked across to the other side and into West Virginia.

I have this thing for steel bridges. (And this one is really cool!) I can’t explain my passion and won’t even try. I did learn that the Newell Bridge was completed in 1905 and spans the Ohio River. It was one of the first all-steel suspension bridges in the country.



This view of the Ohio River was overwhelming. Storm clouds were gathering and the sky eventually opened up with rain but not until we had made it safely to the other side and Denny had picked us up!

Here’s the view back toward Ohio. I never thought about these states coming together like this.

Yes, I went to the Homer Laughlin china outlet where I bought colorful mixing bowls and coffee cups!