I guess I may be the only one who wonders what designers carry in their messenger bags. I found out this weekend when I was with Beth, and she showed me her quintessential “carry all” bag that should have cost $130 but ended up only being four bucks. Wow!

“So, what do you have in that thing,” I casually asked? Then came the answer:  a computer, a Wacon tablet, two PMS color swatch books, paper samples, and a designer’s list of other things—pens, paper for notes, and personal items. I don’t think, however, there was a stash of food snacks because I would have noticed it. I was hungry.

“Really, Beth? . . . It’s like having a mobile designer’s desk.”

“Oh, I know,” she said with lots of joy in her voice. “I love it!” Then she went on to show me all her hidden compartments, zipper pouches, and clips. It was information overload but in a good way.