Point Pelee National Park is a lush “Carolinian forest oasis” located on the southern tip of Canada. The park is alive with migrating song birds in the spring and with hums with cicadas in the summer. It’s a very dramatic park with waters that are teaming with fish and waterfowl and shorebirds looking for a fast meal. It was the first national park in Canada and was established in 1918! It is pristine and I never would have guessed that it was that old!

The colors of summer were everywhere—rich and very deep. At every turn, some part of the sky was reflected in the water. From what I read, the temperature is warmer in the park than in other parts of Canada. On this day, it was hotter than it was in Atlanta, Georgia!

There appeared to be endless miles of trails through the park and the water. Point Pelee is located in Essex County in southwestern Ontario on a dramatic point that extends into Lake Erie. It consists of a peninsula of land, mainly of marsh and woodland that tapers to a sharp point with a very wild and frightening surf.

I really wish I could have been in the park for sunset, but I had a reservation at a B&B some miles away. Still I don’t think this photo was too washed out. The camera held the whites really well even in the bright sunlight.

Cattails! Seventy percent of the park consisted of marsh, dominated by cattails and ponds. Watching these reed-like plants blow in the wind was a “symphony” for the eyes and senses.