Yesterday we headed back to the lake with the kayaks. I have discovered that if you live here, you have to get outside and enjoy the area. Lake Yonah is a perfect place to learn how to kayak—something we are only mastering. Sharon is getting ready to put hers into the lake at the boat ramp near the Yonah Dam.

I keep saying that while Pat doesn’t know what she is doing right now, she looks great! And I know she’ll master kayaking—just give her time.


I love coves on lakes like this one. I have to say that this sport is really relaxing. You can’t be on this lake or any of the others in this area and think stressful thoughts.

Thankfully, the guys were with us again on this trip because we did roll one of the kayaks and learned pretty quickly that it takes talent and strength to get back in, especially if you are on open water. In fact, we had to head for the shoreline to bale water and get everything packed just right again. The waterproof bags proved invaluable! My camera stayed dry even though it went into the water when I got out to help Donna, who had rolled in an unfamiliar boat. I didn’t even think: “Yikes!” But I did think, “Save Donna or save the camera?” I chose Donna. Later Jim, who is a great photographer, said he would have had to think through that one.

Obviously this photo is not of the flipped kayak but of a airplane that decided to “buzz” the lake and the dam area. To be honest, at first, I thought he was going to ditch it in the lake.


We finally made it to a jumping off point. Evan is the one on the rock trying to decide whether to jump or not. I’ll show you later what he decided to do.

Guess it is pretty obvious what Evan is going to do. I think Donna looks pretty good for having rolled a kayak and getting caught underwater. We maybe a little nuts. But it’s pretty much a lot of fun, and I need a little nuttiness in my life right now.