For a couple of years, I have been working to train my Wisteria plant into a tree. This year my idea has worked! I have a little tree right beside my driveway, and I just remembered how I got this plant.

Several years ago, friends Albert and Rebecca helped me dig it up in the woods near where I live now. I took it home to Atlanta, planted it in a huge pot, and watched it grow. At first, I only had one bloom and then two and then three and on it went. When I moved to northeast Georgia, I decided that I could not leave it behind so I brought it with me and planted it in a spot where it thought it could flourish. And it is has done just that if fact, it is beautiful this year. Plus the bees certainly agree.

Wisteria doesn’t need much encouragement, but it does need a firm gardening hand or it will rule your life. I kept it trimmed back—no runners were allowed to take off. Now, I’m well on the way to having a beautiful Wisteria tree.