Yesterday, I was with friends in Atlanta and over heard two of them talking about which Starbucks was their favorite. I thought silently, “This is one conversation I’ll never hear in Toccoa!”

When I lived in Atlanta, there were five Starbucks locations within two to four miles of my house. Before they closed two down, there were seven! Can you say overkill? One overlooked the Silver Comet Trail. But I didn’t care for it because the parking lot was small—hard to get in and out of. Others thought so, too.

The one that I always liked the most was the one near the Galleria on Cobb Parkway. Today, however, I think my favorite is the one on Atlanta Road near Vinings. I have good memories of that location. Cocoa Joy and I spent many afternoons there sitting out in the sun sipping Vanilla Cafe Americanas after a hard day on the key board. The one in the photo above was my favorite stop on the way to work in the mornings (Hwy 41). I would grab my Americana, take a deep breath, and get on I-285 for the drive over to Dekalb County. Those were my Starbucks Days!