Postcard perfect: the Marblehead Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in continuous service. It’s history began in 1819 when the US congress deemed the rocky coastline on Lake Erie far too dangerous for ships to navigate at night.

Five thousand dollars was set aside for the construction of a light tower located near the entrance to the Sandusky Bay at Bay Point, Ohio. After its construction, ships sailed safely through Lake Erie’s nor’easters and the small islands that dot the southernmost coast of the lake. We learned that the rocky coastline was formed when glaciers cut through this area.

Looking out over Lake Erie.

The light keeper’s house. I love the bows tied on the small tree outside the gate.

The sunset was so different here. It lit up everything around us. Now I realize it was the calm before the approaching storm—one that is still with us.

Finally, a set of sweet black shutters that were located on the storage shed behind the main house at the base of the Marblehead lighthouse.