Years ago, I bought Pretty Hill as a place of rest and a place where my dog Buffy could run and chase squirrels. I had planned to live many years there—overlooking the hemlocks, the natural azaleas, and watching the blue birds raise their babies. But as it happens at times, God had different plans. Buffy passed away over five years ago, and Cocoa Joy came into my life. (Now, there is Chip, too. Enough said.) Cocoa continued the “squirrel chase” around the yard, and the blue birds always returned every year. Then this past spring, I had a surprise ending to a job that I loved very much. The hurt was deep. The shock was stunning, but I knew I had no other choice other than to go forward. At the time, God gave me several promises. One became a compass to my life. It was from the book of Job, “[The Lord] made him prosperous again and gave him twice as much as he had before” (42:10).

Today, as I signed the closing papers on the sale of Pretty Hill, I sensed the Lord say, “twice as much.” Truly, the Lord brings beauty from ashes, and even if He stopped right here and now, I feel twice as blessed. He has provided a new house, a new life, a new beginning, and a new pathway for me and my dogs to travel. And who knows. . . . there maybe even another Pretty Hill in the making! Or a house that will be purely: “For•rest.” (smile)