For one night and one night only, Chip became Chipper the Cocker Spanial decked out in his baseball outfit at Dog School 101. He ended up taking second place in the costume competition. What’s that around his nose? It’s his gentle leader, and it helps him to remember not to jump, throw spit balls, or chase the umpire, who in this case was Mary Erna—Beau the Cocker Spaniel’s Mom.


After coming in second, Chipley contemplates his future. Should he enter trick class, a level one agility class, go the Disneyland, or move to the mountains?


Mountain lodges are nice. They probably would have large front porches and places where puppies could explore and run for hours with the mountain lions . . . Did you say MOUNTAIN LIONS(!!!!) and probably snakes, too, along with beavers and raccoons. There’s no telling what stalks the nearby woods at night. . . . BTW, during a bad attitude attack this morning, I discovered that Chipley is teething—up to ten teeth at once—all going and coming! Crying for help would bring little, if any, relief. We’ll have to live through it. (sigh)