Okay, I had to post a photo of my sweet Cocoa Joy because lately it’s been Chipley, Chipley, and more Chipley, which is what’s going to happen in the next few photos. Today, Chipley went to his fourth lesson at Dog School 101 while Cocoa stayed home and watched Meerkat Manor on The Animal Plant.


Chipley waits to go in the door at Dog School. He’s wearing a gentle leader just so he won’t jump or pull.


Chipley says “hi”to Jake, the man!


Xalina explains how a hoola hoop is used to squelch doggie fears. Chipley often plays with the one Cocoa Joy got when she was going to DS101. From time to time, he pulls it out from under the bed in guest room and says, “I’m not afraid!”


Sandy easily gains this dog’s attention. “Sit, watch, stay, and good dog!” I love her shirt. It says, “Got Woof?”


A quick trip to Chick-fil-A for a cup of cool fresh water, and then we’re set for the drive home. Oh and his homework (the yellow sheet of paper) is right beside him on the back seat.