Last Monday, we drove out to Pickett’s Mill near Dallas. It is one of the most beautiful Civil War battlefields I have visited. Well, Gettysburg was special, but Pickett’s Mill has a wild and protected feel to it. It’s a perfect place to visit on a weekend afternoon. Chip still can’t walk too far because he is so young. Last Monday, we walked 1.5 miles—a little bit of a stretch. Going on a walk with Chip is an event! Everything is new and everything—absolutely everything needs to be explored. By the time we got back to the ranger’s station, he was wet, covered with red mud, and panting like crazy!


I just love the look of new ferns. They are so bright, green, and peaceful. While this is not the sharpest photo, I bet it will help you relax.


Here’s where I really messed up. While I was taking this photo, Chip was behind me diving into the water. I was so shocked by the site of a paddling puppy that I forgot to take his photo. Then we all broke out laughing as he hopped out of the water and jumped right back in! There’s no way to have a bad day when these two dogs—Cocoa and Chip—are around!


At the end, no one was any worse for the wear. Cocoa Joy is such a good dog, and don’t you love Chip’s little expression? He’s such a doodle. . . . And he’s doing so well in Dog School 101.


I almost forgot to post Chip’s “dog gone, it’s hot” photo. I can’t seem take a single photo of him in focus because he is always on the move. I’ll try again later