Haddock Inn was located in the foothills of northeast Georgia two miles north of the city of Toccoa. In the early 1900’s, it was a popular tourist destination, but by 1911, its popularity had faded. That same year, Richard and Evelyn Forrest purchased the Inn  from Toccoa businessman E.P. Simpson with the idea of establishing a school for mountain children. Classes began in the Fall of that same year and so did the history of Toccoa Falls College.


Though the Inn burned in 1913, the lake remains. It is just not as large as it once was. Above is a postcard of the Inn from 1901. It has been colorized, and I’m sure the sail boat was added by the artist. But then, maybe there once were sail boats in the lake at Toccoa Falls.


Last Saturday, students began to remove a heavy lining that was installed in the lake bed a few years ago. Soon, it will be refilled and returned to its natural beauty.


Toccoa Falls is just a short walk from the lake that once bordered the foundation of Haddock Inn. It is 186 feet high and a fantastic destination for those who live in the Atlanta area.


I chose to help clean up the area near the base of the falls instead of trampling around in the lake bed.