Cocoa Joy listens as I explain that her weekend adventures have been canceled.

“Rats and Cats!” was her only reply. She truly believed she would have an opportunity to go on her first Delta Society outing, but connections with her trainer did not materialize. Then she was sure she would be able to go to Sweet Water Creek for a long walk on Sunday afternoon. But as we left the house, I spotted several unplanted flats of pansies peeking out from under the garden bench in the front yard. I knew if I did not get those in the ground this weekend, I would lose them. So that is what we did—we worked in the yard and dug around in the dirt—lots!

Even thought there was no “real adventure” this weekend, there was plenty to do as you will see in the next photo. This one was taken for Reba, who always asks about Cocoa Joy at church on Sundays. (I love the dusting of white on Cocoa’s muzzle.)

I was so proud of Cocoa. I unhooked her longline and asked her to “sit and stay” and just like a good Dog School 101 dog, she obeyed perfectly. As a footnote, I don’t do this often because birds and squirrels are real distractions for Cocoa when she is “off lead.”