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Day Two: Our Trip to Hike Inn

We tried to capture this photo the night before but it didn't work. So Sharon was back with it in the morning and finally got the right picture. Keeping up with your cup or glass, helps conserve energy. Not as many dishes are washed and less water is used in the clean up. Breakfast is [...]

Day One: On the trail again!

Our group made it to the Hike Inn but not in record time. That's okay. The day was beautiful and the hike was pretty much perfect. The Len Foote Hike Inn trail rambles through hardwoods that open up to stunning views of the north Georgia's landscape and mountains. The Appalachian Trail (AT) Approach Trail shares [...]

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More snapshots for my photo album

I have a house maybe 25 minutes from the Lake Rabun Hotel, but I keep wanting to spend the night in this place! I just haven't done it yet. But the food in the hotel's restaurant was wonderful—farm to table like so many are serving in Northeast Georgia. The hotel was built in 1922. From [...]

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