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Merry Christmas Day!

Christmas afternoon found me at Traveler's Rest. We were in warm weather. The temperature was in the low 70's! We said that we could have taken the kayaks out but it was Christmas Day. No one goes kayaking during Christmas, right?!! Traveler's Rest is a very important location for the state of Georgia. This stagecoach [...]

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Visiting Tugaloo Bend

We had a great time exploring Tugaloo Bend along the Tugaloo Corridor, which is one of the most historical places in the state. Native American Indians specifically the Cherokee had villages throughout this area with names like: Estatoe, Tugaloo, Noyouwee, Echy, Chaugee, Keowee, Toxsaah, Taucoe, Sukchi, Tetohe, Taruraw, Tussee, Cussatee, Cattuse, Takwashuaw, Sennekaw, Ustanali, Tagwahi, [...]

Sunday’s Adventure

Boy, I love this photo. I found this guy on my first fall ride through the mountains this past weekend. It is of an old wooden cigar or tobacco Indian. They are still occasionally used for their original advertising purpose, but are more often seen as decorations or advertising collectibles, with some pieces drawing sales [...]

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