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I'm still photographing flowers at Currahee Gardens and think these are beautiful. I wish I could remember the names! I believe this is a type of Queen Anne's Lace (wild carrot) is called Dara. Just [...]

Sweet but Sad

My blue birds only had one brew this year. I know they had babies because their nest was broken way down. At the bottom buried deep in the straw, I found this little egg that [...]

Enchantment at Currahee Gardens

Last week I visited Currahee Gardens at the base of Currahee Mountain, and I was stunned over what I found. Becky and her husband own this beautiful spot in Stephens County and I really don't [...]

A Day of Ramblings

Yesterday, we visited a really wonderful place: Chattooga Belle Farms. It was perfect! The weather was wonderful—a light breeze—and plenty of summer sunshine. We decided to have lunch and then work our way to Highlands, [...]

Paddling with the Wind

When we paddled out into a sea of glass. These are the back waters of Lake Hartwell. I love this area. While the paddle out was smooth, the paddle back was straight into the wind. [...]



Sunset by the Lake

You Can Buy the Book!

Right Outside my Door

Brilliant Sunset

Oh, Cocoa Joy

Sunday at Glenn Falls

Cocoa Joy

Cocoa’s Back!