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Whitewater Falls: First Hike of the Year

Whitewater Falls iced! I was really glad to make it to the first overlook, especially after finishing Chemo in mid-December. I told someone last week that the way you beat cancer is to refuse to [...]

New Year’s Day and Brasstown Valley Resort

Usually, we try to drive to Asheville, North Carolina, for New Year's Day but this year I didn't know if I would be too tired by the time we returned home. So we let go [...]

Trying to Hike . . . .

I love gray days in the mountains and yesterday was no exception. We went for a short ride to Black Mountain Lake before returning to cook for New Year's. I had actually thought we would [...]

Winter Cow!

We have been so worried about our cows lately. With temperatures in the teens, we know that there has to be more care given to them.

The Big Push

I've come to realize cows have personality! For example a couple of weeks ago, I was photographing my favorite herd and I noticed  a little bit of jealousy brewing.  The girl to the right [...]




Sunset by the Lake

You Can Buy the Book!

Right Outside my Door

Brilliant Sunset

Oh, Cocoa Joy

Sunday at Glenn Falls

Cocoa Joy

Cocoa’s Back!