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The Rose Challenge

Lenea came by the house this past week bearing gifts and friendship. She gave me a challenge and that was to start doing photography around the house, especially during this time of treatment and recovery. [...]

Fading Summer

Some posts really don't need to have a lot of words attached to them. My summer is fading fast and I have yet to have an opportunity to enjoy it. Operations, healing, and treatments fill [...]

One of the things that I really enjoy doing each week is going out and photographing cows. The problem I had last weekend was that these cows and especially this one wanted to come over [...]

We Found Cows!

We went on a small hunt yesterday to find cows in Stephens County. I know this should be an easy task and it is. I know where "my" cows hang out. We just wanted to [...]


I once had a friend who loves Mimosa trees. She would tell me how she thought they equaled to pure summer moments. I remember these trees best from going to Florida with my family. It [...]



Sunset by the Lake

You Can Buy the Book!

Right Outside my Door

Brilliant Sunset

Oh, Cocoa Joy

Sunday at Glenn Falls

Cocoa Joy

Cocoa’s Back!