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Local Walk and Fall Leaves

Sunday afternoon was spent walking along a roadbed on what we call "the South Carolina side of the Tugaloo River." We have often wanted to hike this trail to the dam, but we still did not make it. There was a stream near the end that we could not cross on foot. This is a [...]

Drum Roll for the End of Summer and the Black Willow!

I used by Nikon water camera to take this photo from my kayak on Lake Hartwell, and I have no idea what the settings were! I just love the way the sunlight touched every inch of this tree. There's even water reflections on it's bark. They are just hard to see.  When I paddle the [...]

On The Boat Again!

Chipley loves water! He loves streams, lakes, and waterfalls, but I'm not sure about oceans. Still, I have an idea that oceans would fit perfectly into his "water" category. Cocoa, on the other hand, tolerated our boat ride on Lake Hartwell last week just because she was with me. She had much rather be in [...]

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