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The Power of Touch

A couple of months ago, I watched (through the window) my mother’s hands shaking with excitement as she held up a card someone had sent to her. At 93, she couldn’t read every word, but I noticed the card was half torn at the seam from her opening and closing it. She is lonely in [...]

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God Has Made Me Fruitful

Can you say this with Joseph, “God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction” (Genesis 41:52)? Many of us just can’t seem to say these words today. Instead of conquering affliction, we allow affliction to wash us away in a sea of emotion, bitterness, doubt, and fear. Psychologists tell us if we [...]

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Here I am . . .

Here is my house up on the hill. Take it and use it anyway you can. I have always loved those words not so much for their flow or their historical value, but for the message of hope that they contain. They were spoken by a woman, who no one gives a second thought to [...]

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Peace is Here!

Mary sighed softly as Joseph pulled her close. Within moments he was asleep. She understood. The long journey they had taken to Bethlehem was physically exhausting, and then there was the birth of her son. It was all so much more than either realized. The light of a small fire that had been lit to [...]

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Clingmans Dome via the Forney Ridge Trail and AT

A few months ago, I struggled with this trail—the Forney Ridge Trail—as we hiked to Andrews Bald, but this was a different day! One hiker wrote that we all have good and bad days on "the trail." Some days we don't have as much energy and others we have lots! He had a bad day [...]

I Found the Art Loeb Trail!

I found the Art Loeb Trail deep in the Shining Rock Wilderness! But most every hiker in this area knows it well. The trail is named after Art Loeb (LOL), who loved and hiked Black Balsam and the surrounding mountains. A few weeks ago, I wanted to find a different way to Tennent Mountain, and [...]

A Very Special Place — The Shelter

As you approach the Blood Mountain Shelter, you immediately know it's a special place. I would imagine that it is one of the oldest shelters on the Appalachian Trail. Many of the original ones have been replaced by now. The shelter at the top was built in 1937 by the Civilian Conservation Corps for the [...]

Conquering Blood Mountain!

If you live in Georgia, more than likely you have heard of Blood Mountain. I remember years ago a friend, who was a youth director at her church talking about it and how she took a group of teens to the top. She was young herself, but it almost "got the best of her." The [...]

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