This past weekend in Toccoa offered up a time to relax and see friends and also to check out the renovation taking place on the art gallery in the city.

It is a naturally warm and friendly place and the people there are always so nice!

Seeing Linda (in the blue) was a super surprise. She is such a talented artist and good friend. I miss her and her husband Tom and their son greatly.

This is the little house that I have photographed and said that one day I would like to own. Recently, a friend asked: “If you had a lake house, what would you name it?”

I replied, “The Lake House.” That may seem generic, but if you have seen the movie (The Lake House), you would understand.

And here is “The Lake House” in the middle of the summer. I talked with a guy this past weekend, who told me he knows the owner.

“Does he want to sell it?” I asked. (smile) Then I thought, There would probably be a ton of renovation work to do!