Sorry, Reba. I tried to take Cocoa and Chip’s photo together, but Chip would not cooperated. This is the best I could do. We took a short walk on the Silver Comet Trail late Sunday afternoon before the rain blew in. I totally forgot about the bikers that flood that place and fly by you. Chipley freaked out. He constantly looked over his shoulder to see if another biker was heading his way. When one approached, he begged to be picked up. I told my friend don’t do it. Instead, we would stop beside the path and watch the bikers pass and then praise him for sitting and watching and not freaking out too much.

One good reason for going to Dog School 101: Cocoa learned to deal with most of her fears there, and Chip will, too. In fact, on the way home, Sandy (Cocoa’s trainer) called to talk for a moment. Looks like Mr. Chipley will be heading off to his first class this coming Wednesday night. The best thing is this: the Princess Cocoa Joy gets to go with him.

So many questions are left unanswered at this point: Will he eventually win her heart? Can he conquer his fears of speeding bicycles, of runners that whiz past him without warning, and of baby buggies traveling side-by-side with Moms, who are too deep in conversation to care that he is just a little puppy who needs a great big hug? We’ll know soon; the adventure begins this week.


Trail bridges span small rivers and shallow gorges. But this is a place that you need to make sure someone else is with you and that you have your cell phone on your hip.