A New Year’s tradition always includes a trip to Fort Mountain State Park. This year’s journey was much cooler than previous ones. Cocoa has only been to the mountain a couple of times before today. We’re on the observation deck with the Black Mountains in the background. When she was a puppy, I could not drag her out on this deck, but today I had to keep a “tight” lead on her. For some reason, she was fearless.

Doing sit/stays have become “old hat.” Also, the up and down commands are working these days. I can’t say enough about the rewards of training. While I’m still working with Cocoa, I can actually say she is “getting it.” It is so much fun to walk beside her and see her glance up for my next command. “Heel” and “slow” are  magic words thanks to Dog School 101.

I know I have sun spots in this photo. I know the highlights are “blown out.” I know, I know it all . . . but I also  know that I wanted to remember the moment. So, I have posted this photo to remind me of what a wonderful New Year’s Day it was.