When I left my office on Friday, a co-worker asked, “What is Cocoa going to do this weekend?” I smiled and said, “We’ll think of something.” But I didn’t know what that “something” would be. A remodeling project that was supposed to end a couple of weeks ago was dragging on. Plus, tropical storm Fay was threatening to move north bringing buckets of rain to our area (or at least this is what we hoped would happen). So Saturday came and Cocoa did not have a planned adventure in the works. She chased a squirrel around the backyard until it was delirious with fear. She sat patiently beside me as I painted baseboards in the new office area, but that was certainly a lackluster job. And to add insult to the waning situation, she had been banished to the den after flopping down on the freshly grouted tile floor. Saturday was a wash and Sunday was not looking much better. (Click here to keep reading: cocoasmiles.com/training/