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The Place of Discovery

The last photo, I think, that I'll post from Edison's Winter home in Fort Myers, Florida. This is a photo of his lab where he developed many products and conducted one experiment after another. It seemed like a fun still life photo to post. And it was pretty incredible to be there—the place where this [...]

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Edison’s Trees

I have chosen to post the photos of some of the trees on Thomas Edison's estate in black and white. It seems like photographers do both when posting these types of photos. I guess it is a graphic, "arty" thing. The trees are very dynamic. They also have lines—lots of lines and usually that comes [...]

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Edison’s Little Office – Mina’s Moonlight Garden

I was really drawn to Edison's little office—probably because I love dark, wood spaces and places where you can sit and comfortably talk. The brochure I picked up at the Edison and Ford Estates said this cottage was built in 1929. Don't you just love the phonograph in the back corner? Edison invented a tin-foil [...]

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No Bail Out Here!

While visiting Thomas Edison's winter estate, I also got to see where Henry Ford had his home. The two were close friends for the later part of their lives. In fact, they lived next door to one another while they were in Ft. Myers. Even though I'm not a big fan of Ford Motor Company, [...]

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