On of our favorite winter walks is at Anna Ruby Falls where we usually see some pretty amazing scenery and never worry about wet trails because the pathway is paved. One year, the park ranger had a table set up and was showing wildlife skins to children. He even took time to show a bobcat skin to Cocoa, who tried to take it out of his hands. That’s one of the memories.

We decided to pick the dogs up for photos, which is never a good idea with Cocoa. She clings and always feels out of control. I love her size and even though she is nine, she is still a great walker.

Anna Ruby Falls is in northeast Georgia. It is just a snapshot because we are in the dead of winter and everything is under shadow, shade, and blue highlights!

AnneHBG©cocoasmilesAnne and Holly Berry (HB).

Pat and Chip.

Snow still mingles along the hillside behind these three puppies. They all climbed to the top of this narrow rock and posed for the camera.

Anne is smiling because the little girl in the background with pink pants on decided not to hug HB again!

Here’s Chip with his Gentle Leader. It’s not a muzzle! It just keeps him calm and reminds him that Pat is on the other end of his lead.

HB would jump to the moon and back for a simple doggy kiss.

I wonder if Anne got the shot that she was trying to take. I love candid photographs.

And even though it was 62, we still had leftover snow and needed jackets. Being by the water is always cooler in the winter.