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Sunday at Glenn Falls

We don't have to go far to be in the middle of really cool surroundings. Yes, there are locations much more dramatic. I can find really cool places to spend weekend afternoons in nearby North Carolina but most of the time Toccoa and the surrounding area suits Cocoa Joy and me just fine. TFC alums [...]


I caught a glimpse of a soaring bird above Toccoa Falls yesterday. They love to glide along with the air current above the gorge area and the weather was perfect for this very thing. All week the temperatures have been in the high '70's, but cooler weather begins today. Looking back, we spent most of [...]

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Hiking Paths

Yesterday, we dodged rain drops but eventually ended up in sunlight. However in the beginning of our hike, we thought for sure we would have to find shelter under a rock ledge or overhang—something I don't like to do, especially if there is lightening. This is a well used path that leads to a couple [...]

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