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The Vermilion Light

Vermilion is a really sweet coastal town. I've photographed its lighthouse in the dead of winter when it was mind-numbing cold. This time the temperatures were at the opposite extreme—the high 90's. I discovered pretty fast that people who live up north usually don't mix well with heat. Air conditioners were running with great fury [...]

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Big Time Cool Off

Here's one for my former newspaper editor. The guy would always run a snow photo on the front page of the newspaper on the hottest day of summer. I confess that I'm torn. I'm so hot that I wish it was cooler but not this cold. I think when I took this photo it was [...]

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Parting Shots

The last morning we were in western PA, we woke to freshly fallen snow, and as I drank a cup of coffee and gazed out the windows at the sight before me, I couldn't help but wish that I could stay. The week had been relaxing, fun, and energizing. I even said (out loud), "I [...]

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