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My day began with this and plenty of coffee. BJ's is the best! It included a quick stop to buy sunflowers for a party with friends. Then there was dinner and time to talk and play with paper dolls. We celebrated with Rebecca and Albert and Johanna. And here is how we ended the day. [...]

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Chipley’s Cows

Can you believe this cow's ears? He heard Chipley's whinny little voice pleading for him to draw closer. He (the cow) almost freaked out. Chipley is my little cowboy dog. He absolutely loves cows. I don't know where this passion came from. He was born in the city but all I know is that he [...]

Southern Charm

There is something about Spanish moss that just rings true of the deep south—southern Georgia and northern Florida for sure. Here's a captured moment for all my northern and even my England viewers. A couple of scenes from the very deep south and yes, that is definitely "Gone with The Wind" southern moss in the [...]

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