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Westview Cemetery and Treat Angels

Westview Cemetery opened in October of 1884 and has nearly six-hundred acres of land. That's a lot of land on the west side of Atlanta. It was designed to be the premier cemetery in the Southeast. It is certainly one of the largest in the country. I like visiting here better than going to Oakland [...]

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Marietta Spring!

Recently, I found the Marietta Garden Club house, which is one of the places that "Old Marietta" meets to discuss the city and all of its floral ramblings. It's also a historical home not far from the city square. The roses were beautiful. More spring and summer flowers just opening. And more roses, though there [...]

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Friendship Baptist Church

Boo humbug! Here's a set of work photos—something I rarely do, but CDH Partners (where I work in marketing) is the design firm for the historical Friendship Baptist Church in Atlanta. This is the church that was displaced because of the location of the new Falcons stadium. Now that all the paperwork has been signed [...]

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The Grady

When I was a child, I would always hear my grandparents talking about going to The Grady. Some people don't remember things that happened to them when they are really young, but I do. I remember my Dad tossing me up in the air and catching me through giggles all the while my Mother begged [...]

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Before her haircut

Friends and dogs were out for an evening on the Marietta Square, and Cocoa Joy loves being with people. She has always been mischievous! Too bad I know her like a very well read book. In this photo, she's watching me to see if I'm going to tell her to stop begging the person next [...]

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Getting ready to fly

Yikes! The drone with a little "Hero" camera on the front to capture all the shots we need of the new Paulding Hospital. Max and Michael set things up. Max is so talented. He inspires me to try video and new things. I'm smiling because I'm with the guys from Nine Line and I'm learning [...]

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Hanging out with Nine Line

One of the things I really enjoy about my job is getting to meet interesting people and also having the opportunity to work with guys like these: the Nine Line video team. I'm learning video—enough to be very dangerous—but they know it. And they are helping us produce many videos for our website: Last [...]

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