You Can Buy the Book!

We started on our Lake Hartwell hike on a sandy beach and ended up walking through beautiful, tall grasses that were filled with lots of things. Earthy things that become pocket treasures and things that end up in a small hand crafted wooden bowl at the cottage. There were also things that fit perfectly into [...]

Lovin’ Driftwood Beach

In this photo, Anne poses for the camera and Jim and Sharon are taking photos in the background. I love being with friends! It was a few years ago when I discovered Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island. We had photographed driftwood on Cumberland, but when we saw the fallen trees on Jekyll, we thought we [...]

Sapelo’s Captivating Mystery

This is always my first view of Sapelo Island from the ranger station on the mainland on the coast of Georgia. Marshes and entangling waterways separate the barrier islands from the mainland. And this is one of my favorite views—leaving the dock for the island. The water is a rich blue in morning and the [...]

We finally found Riley Moore Falls

I think sometimes my friends don't know what to do with me. I talked them into what I thought would be a sweet, gentle walk in the woods but it turned into a major hike that led down to nice waterfall on the Chague River in South Carolina. After walking along a flat woody trail [...]

Brasstown Falls

I visited a really cool area this past weekend and ended up doing some extreme hiking. (As extreme as I possibly can do!) The trail to Brasstown Cascades in South Carolina starts off easy enough, but by the time you pass the first set of falls, it turns difficult. You begin to have to pick [...]

Brilliant Sunset

We feel like it's spring and the sunsets are certainly becoming more dramatic! They do that in northeast Georgia this time of the year. The little hill in this photo is Currahee Mountain. It's funny how being at a distance changes our perspective. It's a couple of miles to the top of Currahee! During our [...]

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Sunday at Glenn Falls

We don't have to go far to be in the middle of really cool surroundings. Yes, there are locations much more dramatic. I can find really cool places to spend weekend afternoons in nearby North Carolina but most of the time Toccoa and the surrounding area suits Cocoa Joy and me just fine. TFC alums [...]

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